In The Community

In The Community

Meals on Wheels

FBCM is one of eight churches delivering meals for Meals on Wheels of the Greater Lynchburg Area on Madison Heights Route 4. The schedule for this ministry is one week every month and we operate with 2 alternating Teams. Meals are picked up on Odd Fellows Road in Lynchburg, and delivery usually takes about an hour to complete. Ric and Nita Valiente coordinate FBCM’s involvement with this ministry.

Team 1

Monday: Ric, Nita Valiente & Janice
Tuesday: Benita & Ronnie Unrue
Wednesday: Mark & Sheila Wood
Thursday: Ric, Nita & Janice
Friday: Chip Scrivener

January 8-14-2021

March 8-12-2021

May 10-14-2021

July 8-14-2021

September 8-14-2021

November 8-12-2021

Team 2

Monday: Dan and Elva McMillan
Tuesday: Tommy Woody
Wednesday: Mark and Sheila Wood
Thursday: Lillian Floyd & Melissa Wrenn
Friday: Robbie Williams & Tiffany Wanless

February 8-12-2021

April 8-14-2021

June 8-14-2021

August 9-13-2021

October 8-14-2021

December 8-14-2021

Nursing Homes

Due to the coronavirus restrictions, we will not be visiting any nursing homes until restrictions have been lifted. Further decisions will be coming when we can start again.

A group from our church leads a sing-along at several local nursing homes. They are open to all staff and residents of the facility to participate.

Fairmont Crossings: 3:00 pm on the 4th Thursday of the month.

The PACE: 10:15 am on the 2nd Thursday of every other month (February, April, June, August, October and December).

Exercise Class For Seniors Has Returned

We are excited to be hosting Aerobics for Seniors, which is a program run by the YMCA and Amherst County Parks and Recreation. The class is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am – 11am. You can register through the Amherst County Recreation and Parks Department by calling 434-946-9371.

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