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We hope you are able to join us in person for one of our weekly Sunday Worship Services, but we also know that sometimes that is not possible. So, audio of the most recent sermons are available for you to listen to here. You can also click here to access worship service videos on YouTube

“The “One Another’s”: Love 6-9-2024 (John 15:12-17) ( Rev. Kent Maitland)
“The Church’s Blueprint” 6-2-2024 (Romans 12:3-8) Rev. Kent Maitland)
“The Ultimate Sacrifice” 5-26-2024 (Romans 12:1-2) (Rev. Kent Maitland)
“The Believer’s Baptism” 5-19-2024 (Acts 8:36-39 (Rev. Kent Maitland)
“A God-Fearing Mother” 5-12-2024 (Exodus 2:1-10) Rev. Kent Maitland
“Closing the Book of James” 5-5-2024 (James 5:16-20) Rev. Mike Fitzgerald
“Scripture According to Jesus: Infallibility” 4-28-2024 (Rev. Kent Maitland)
“Scripture According to Jesus: Inerrancy” 4-21-2024 (Rev. Kent Maitland)
“Scripture According to Jesus: Sufficiency” 4-14-2024 (Rev. Kent Maitland)
“A Church of Integrity and Prayer” 4-7-2024 (Rev. Mike Fitzgerald)
“The Stone of the Tomb” 3-31-2024 (Rev. Mike Fitzgerald)
“Easter Cantata/Blessed Redeemer” 3-24-2024 (Choir)
“The Greatest Woman in the World” 3-17-2024 (Rev. Kent Maitland)
“Steady on In In Patience” 3-10-2024 (Rev. Mike Fitzgerald)
“Keeping Money In Its Place” 3-3-2024 (Rev. Mike Fitzgerald)
“A Look Inside the Church” 2-25-2024 (Rev. Mike Fitzgerald)
“God’s Providence” 2-18-2024 (“Baptist Women’s Day”-Speaker Maria Maitland)
“The Lord’s Champion” 2-11-2024 (Rev. Kent Maitland)
“Complete Submission” 2-5-2024 (Rev. Mike Fitzgerald)
“Our Three Enemies” 1-28-2024 (Rev. Mike Fitzgerald)
“My Story” 1-21-2024 (Baptist Men’s Day-Speaker Jones Stanley)
“Remembering The Lord’s Goodness” 1-14-2024 (Rev. Kent Maitland)
“Starting the New Year Right” 1-7-2024 (Rev. Mike Fitzgerald)
“The Star of the Savior” 12-31-2023 (Rev. Mike Fitzgerald)
“Christmas Eve Candlelight Service” 12-24-2023 (Rev. Mike Fitzgerald)
“Faith on the Rough Road” 12-24-2023 (Rev. Mike Fitzgerald)
“Christmas Cantata-Joy! A Suite For Christmas” 12-17-2023 (Church Choir)
“The Arrival of the Son of David” 12-10-2023 (Rev. Kent Maitland)
“When Does Christmas Become a Necessity in the Bible” 12-3-2023 (Rev. Mike Fitzgerald)
“The Feuding Church” 11-26-2023 (Rev. Mike Fitzgerald)
“The Church of Peace and Produce” 11-19-2023 (Rev. Mike Fitzgerald)
“Dragging Down the Church” 11-12-202 (Rev. Mike Fitzgerald)
“Tuesday Night Revival Service” 11-7-2023 (Rev. Charles Billingsley)
“Monday Night Revival Service” 11-6-2023 (Rev. Charles Billingsley)
“Sunday Night Revival Service” 11-5-2023 ( Rev. Jeffrey Campbell)
“The Miracle of a Little Bit” 11-5-2023 (John 6:1-15) Rev. Mike Fitzgerald (Revival )
“Usage of The Tongue Part II” 10-29-2023 (James 3:7-12) Rev. Mike Fitzgerald
“Usage of The Tongue Part 1” 10-22-2023 (James 3:1-6) Rev. Mike Fitzgerald
“”Two Doers For God” 10-15-2023 (James 2:20-26) Rev. Mike Fitzgerald
“Three Kinds of Faith” 10-1-2023 (James 2:18-20) Rev. Mike Fitzgerald
“A Good Testimony” 9-24-2023 (Hebrews 11) Dr. Steven Keith
“Our True Identity” 9-17-2023 (Colossians 2:6-15 (Rev. Nathan Williams)
“Something for Thee” 9-10-2023 (James 2:14-18) Rev. Mike Fitzgerald
“The Royal Law of Mercy” 9-3-2023 (James 2:8-13) Rev. Mike Fitzgerald
“The Absence of Favoritism” 8-27-2023 (James 2:2-7) Rev. Mike Fitzgerald
“The Welcome of Christ: 8-20-2023 (James 2:1) Rev. Mike Fitzgerald
“Our Tongue and Testimony” 8-13-2023 (James 1:26-27) Rev. Mike Fitzgerald
“Hearers or Doers” 8-6-2023 (James 1:22-25) Rev. Mike Fitzgerald
“Swift To Hear” 7-30-2023 (James 1:19-22) Rev. Mike Fitzgerald
“The Response of a Persecuted People” 7-23-23 (James 5) Rev. Kent Maitland
“The Choice of Failure or Victory” 7-16-2023 (James 1:12-18) Rev. Mike Fitzgerald
7-9-23 (Wayne Massie-guest speaker)
“True Wisdom” 7-2-2023 (James 1:5-12) Rev. Mike Fitzgerald
“God’s Purpose In Us” 6-25-2023 (James 1:1-6) Rev. Mike Fitzgerald
“The Beginning of James” 6-18-2023 (James 1:1) Rev. Mike Fitzgerald
“The Contented Church” 6-11-2023 (Philippians 4:9-23) Rev. Mike Fitzgerald
“God’s Response to Our Excuses” 6-4-2023 (Exodus 4:1-1) Rev. Kent Maitland (guest speaker)
“Thought Before Action” 5-28-2023 (Philippian 4:8) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“Rejoicing Hour” 5-21-2023 (Philippians 4:2-7) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“Behold Your Mother” 5-14-2023 (John 19:5-27) Rev. Glynn Coleman
“The Joy and the Reward” 5-7-2023 (Philippians 4:1) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“A Colony of Heaven” 4-23-2023 (Philippians 3:17-21) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“The Gift and the Prize” 4-16-2023 (Philippians 3:8-16) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald

“From Touch to Trust” 4-9-2023 (John 20:11-18 (Dr. Mike Fitzgerald)

Easter Cantata “Living Hope” 4-2-2023 (Choir)
“Leaving Your Footprint” 3-26-2023 (Philippians 3:1-7) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“Jesus With Skin” 3-19-2023 (Philippians 2:25-30) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“The Availability of Timothy” 3-12-2023 (Philippians 2:19-24) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“Living the Mind of Christ” 3-5-2023 (Philippians 2:12-18) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“Seven Downward Steps” 2-26-2023 (Philippians 2:5-11) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“Baptist Women’s Day” 2-19-2023 (Isaiah 117 Houses) “Dana Guenther & Mary Prillaman
“A Ministry To Others” 2-12-2023 (Philippians 2:1-4) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“Not A Time For the Timid” 2-5-2023 (Philippians 1:27-30) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“For Me, To Live is__________” 1-29-2023 (Philippians 1:19-26) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“Single-Minded for Christ” 1-22-2023 (Philippians 1:12-18) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“Acceptance of the Truth” 1-15-2023 (Leviticus 20:26) Luke Saechao
“From Where Comes My Help” 1-8-2023 – speaker Wayne Massie
“Wise Men Still Follow” 1-1-2023 (Matthew 2:1-6) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“God’s Goodwill” 12-25-22 (Luke 2:1-20) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“There Is A Name I Love to Hear” 12-18-2022 (Matthew 1:18-20) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“Presentation of Cantata” (Come Let us Adore)
“Surrender of a Handmaid” 12-4-2022 (Luke 1:26-38) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“Joseph’s Solution” 11-27-2022 (Matthew 1:18-25) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“The Sincere Church” 11-20-2022 (Philippians 1:6-11) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“Follow Servants in Christ” 11-13-2022 (Philippians 1:1-5) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald
“A Church Formed From A Prayer Meeting” 11-6-2022 (Acts 16:9-15) Dr. Mike Fitzgerald

“Showing Your Faith” 10-30-2022 (Proverbs 11:24 & Luke 21:1-4) by Carey Wrenn
“Made Alive for a Purpose” 10-23-2022 (Ephesians 2:1-10)
“Tested by God” 10-16-2022 (Genesis 22:1-19)
“God’s Covenant” 10-9-2022 (Genesis 17:1-27)
Revival Service, Wednesday PM 10-5-2022 (Rev. Mike Fitzgerald)
Revival Service, Tuesday PM 10-4-2022 (Rev. Dwayne Martin)
Revival Service, Monday PM 10-3-2022 (Dr. Norman Pratt)
Revival Service, Sunday PM 10-2-2022 (Dr. Norman Pratt)
Revival Service, Sunday AM 10-2-2022 (Dr. Norman Pratt)
“Believe the Lord” 9-25-2022 (Genesis 15:1-6)
“Into the Unknown” 9-18-2022 (Genesis 11:10-12:9)
“Who Will Be Famous?” 9-11-2022 (Genesis 11:1-9)

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